Beauty in Trees!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking (insert eye roll). Trees? Umm, okay…In all seriousness, bare with me!

My husband and I have two emerald ash bore trees in our yard. One is plump, booming and growing, while the other is desperately trying to produce a secondary canopy as a last hoorah! It’s a world of difference compared to last year when that tree was lush, green and provided a beautiful canopy of shade. The arborist came out recently, inspected both trees and said the tree has been infected for three or so years. Unfortunately, it must come down soon. We are sad to have that tree removed, but excited to plant a new one. Planting a new tree is an investment into the future. Continue reading

Is Spring Ever Coming?

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. – Hal Borland

It’s April. Your stock of Vitamin D is depleted and you’re slowly remembering what the sun looks like. Deadlines and To Do lists – both work related and ‘spring cleaning’ – are starting to pile up, taxing the mind and body. And gosh, that To Do list is getting longer and longer. It’s the season where all of nature is shucking off the torpor of winter cold and dreariness and getting busy, and that means you too. You may not be making headlines yet, but you – and your actions – influence others just like the first robin spotted on newly green earth, or the last drop of snowmelt disappearing on the driveway.

It’s a new season. Change is a good thing. Out with the old, in with the new. Spring is work. Hard work. But it produces new life, new growth, new opportunities and new adventures. Keeping pressing forward and change is there. A new season of life will begin. The entombing ice piles of winter – like anything else you’re facing – will melt away and bring fresh insights and new inspirations.

This is the cycle of life. Participate willingly.

Why I Run

I was scrolling through running pictures from this or that race, and came across this one – it’s from my first half marathon ever. I’m gearing up to do my first half marathon of the year.

First Half Marathon.jpg

I started running back in the summer of 2012 to prepare  for suffering through Tough Mudder. I loved strength training, but that alone wasn’t going to get me to earning my orange finishers headband. Running was stints here and there with strength-training bursts mixed in. I was bad at it. I had no desire to continue running after Tough Mudder. However, I got suckered into this beginner’s running class and huffed and puffed my way through. The end goal for the class was doing this local 5k. I sucked it up and waltzed miserably through the race. I felt this huge sense of accomplishment finishing that race. I did it.  Continue reading

Buh-bye 2017

Cheers to day 365 of 365. I’m struggling what to write, what goals I want to accomplish in the new year, and this or that. A lot is on my mind as I reminisce about the year.

I had surgery last fall, and found it was much harder bouncing back into the fitness world. I didn’t want to push it too soon and risk additional complications down the road. One thing after another led to spotty workouts and running. Continue reading

Candy Cane 5K

dec2017 4902.JPGSaturday’s race was invigorating and exciting. I did this race two years ago and loved the route and festivities afterwards. It’s a small, hometown race that kicks off the Christmas festivities. Aft-er the race, there’s a tree lighting ceremony followed by the annual Christmas parade. It was so nice to see local people from the community. I, also, love the course. It runs past my in-law’s home and subdivision, as well as, it’s a very accurate course. Continue reading

Discovery Run!

Saturday morning was so much fun on many, many levels, and absolutely good for my soul. I needed every part of it. I accidentally wrote a race date wrong on my calendar. I thought the race was Saturday but it ended up being last weekend. I was supposed to do the Fall 50 Relay last weekend with some friends. I was bummed I had to back out, so I wanted to do a 5k that weekend…only to find out I wrote dates down wrong… Continue reading

Be a Mouse!!

I was asked to do invocation for an organization I’m part of…I thought I’d share it here.

“For tonight’s invocation, i have a parable that some might find just a little Cheesy. But seeing as we are gathered in the state known for cheese and are celebrating the passing of the torch from one Big Cheese to the next, let me tell you the mousy tale of Who Moved My Cheese…by Spencer Johnson. Continue reading

Lacing Up Post Surgery!

I haven’t laced up in well over five weeks. I literally came off from the marathon in the fittest shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. I lost 7 pounds, toned up and found my purpose. I’ve searched for my “athletic” purpose through various sports in the last few years, and found it this year when I solely focused on running. Continue reading