Two Words: Endless Gratitude

I am told I can be ambivalent (really!?!?). I wanted to share my story, but didn’t want to share it. I wanted people to know about my surgery, but didn’t want people to know. I’ve debated about opening up and sharing, and finally told myself I would when I was ready. I told some people prior to my surgery and I apologize to the rest of you for not letting you know (blog for a later date). I shared my blog on my Facebook page and had NO idea where it would take me or what the outcome would be. I was nervous. I looked at the stats on my page today and people have viewed my blog in United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and all over the US!

Wow. Thank you for sharing my story! As I’m sitting here typing and trying to find the right words to say, I’m speechless and brought to tears…those of you that know me, know I don’t cry or tear up easily.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m humbled.

Thank you for being there, encouraging me, thanking me for sharing my story, sending me well-wishes for a speedy recovery, praying for me (and my family), and sharing my blog post. Thank you for reaching out to me via texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, and emails. I appreciate and am moved by how many of you reached out and have continued to reach out. I still have emails and texts to respond back to…I’ve seen them all and promise to respond.

Thank you to all of those who have helped me out in some way – whether it was coming to the hospital or my house to see me, taking me to a doctor’s appointment, coming and bringing me food, helping me with my laundry, “milking” my grenades (drains), bringing flowers over/delivering flowers to me, etc etc. I appreciate EVERYTHING you all have done to make sure I was okay.

Saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. I hope I can someday pay all the kindness you’ve shown me forward. I am so incredibly blessed with all of you amazing people around me. You all have inspired me!!!

Thank you.

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