Bells for Boobs Swingathon

Incredible weekend – Part 1 (I know, catchy title)

Yesterday I went to a Bells for Boobs fundraiser at a local gym. My triathlon teammate’s daughter organized the event to raise money for women at the nearby hospital to help pay for breasts screenings. It was awesome – there were sponsors involved, vendors there, raffle prizes and snacks.


Participants committed to swinging a kettle bell for an hour and collected donations. Some got people/sponsors to donate per swing and others just took general donations. One gentleman was in charge of the timer and would let them all know when the minute was up. It seemed like each participant came in with a goal of how many swings they could individually do in the minute. Each person had an index card so during their break between “minutes” they could tally how many they did.

I arrived before the event started and my friend’s asked me if I’d share my story prior to them swinging. Sure thing. Ugh…brain fart! I didn’t want to take up too much of there time from swinging and raising money. How do you summarize your story in a few, short minutes?!?!


(Sorry it isn’t the most flattering picture)

Everyone was so sweet afterwards and some thanked me for being extremely honest to complete strangers. I want to make a difference and share my story. I want people to get informed and be proactive with getting the genetic testing done if breast cancer and the BRCA gene runs in the family and to get routine mammograms done.

While participants were swinging, I talked with one very sweet lady who had breast cancer and was able to ask random questions about recovery and future stuff. She was so kind and encouraging and it was nice to talk with her. Honestly, I love talking to Survivors and hearing their stories!


I wish I could have participated in swinging a kettle bell, but I don’t think that would have worked out well…although there was a tiny one I could have used and raised money with my stellar bicep curls…Ha! See my rationalization!

The event was fantastic!! Everyone swung their hearts out! You could see pain in some, but they continued to push through and make it happen. My friend Susie came and I bumped into another friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was such a fun afternoon and I’m looking forward to next year!


Susie, Me, Mary, and Johnny

Thank you, Johnny and Mary for inviting me, Mollie for organizing the event, Ryan for opening up your gym and hosting this, those who sponsored the event, and everyone that participated.


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