Yep. I ran a 5k yesterday morning in 32 minutes and only 6 1/2 weeks post-surgery. I would never do anything that would go against my doctor’s orders because I know it will only hurt my recovery progress.

(I'm in the pink)

(I’m in the pink)

My triathlon teammates gave me some grief in good humor after the race. They also put me back in my place when I said I was slow and ONLY did it in 32 minutes. It wasn’t a personal best by any means (and I’m okay with that), but do you have any idea how excited I was to just freaking cross the finish line!?! I honestly didn’t even think if I’d even be able to do any more races after surgery. The fact that I was out there and did it means way more than you know!


My awesome, amazing and supportive triathlon friends!!! They made my day and were so encouraging!!!

I was reminded by teammates that I was only 6 1/2 weeks out from a MAJOR surgery and I’ve been only doing stuff for the past 3 1/2 weeks. They helped me put things back into context!

Please don’t take what I’m about to say out of context. You have no idea how much it hurt and bothered me when I received so much grief and crap from people because I did it. I appreciate the care and concern, but be careful with your tone!

If my doctors didn’t think I was ready to get back to physical exercise 3 1/2 weeks ago, I wouldn’t be exercising. I have not done anything outside of my doctors orders. In fact, I should have started physical therapy 2 1/2 weeks after surgery but I was the one that didn’t make the call because I was worried I wasn’t ready.

All 6 of my incisions are fully healed (and have been for a while) and I will continue to have expander and muscle pain because it’s my new norm. My pec muscle was cut and hinged over this foreign object that’s now in my body as my new boobs. I wouldn’t expect there to be no pain. I have drain incision pain still and will continue to have that for a while. This is my new norm. I can choose to sit on the couch and eat Bon-Bons or be out there exercising with modifications and restrictions (like weights/stretching-pulling whatnot). I think I’m going to choose the latter.

I know others in my shoes may not be able to move around or rebound from this kind of surgery and be out there “running” a 5k. Everyone heals differently. Look at my sister – she’s 4 weeks post-mastectomy and healing sloooowwwwwllllyyyyy. She’ll get there, but look at what her body has had to overcome the past 9 months.

My breast doctor is an active triathlete. She wants you to be moving around and breaking things up so-to-speak. In fact, the day after surgery she had me up and walking down the hospital hallway. It hurt like h-e-double L and I was super sick during my stay, but I still did it. When I got home from the hospital, I was required to walk several times a day. Walking isn’t bad for your health!

You have no idea how badly I want to be back to training and back into my fitness routine. I’m a workout/race junkie.

You have no idea how much I doubted myself and was hard on myself because I wouldn’t be where I was prior to surgery or if I’d even be able to finish before the 10K went off.

You have no idea how much I want to plan out my 2015 race schedule. I’m not because I don’t know what tomorrow holds or when my implant exchange surgery will be.

You have no idea what I’ve had to overcome leading up to surgery, during/after surgery and even now.

So, please, don’t rain on my endorphin high!

I have to consider the source of those saying harsh things. I’m extremely proud of myself and for simply crossing the finish line. Felt great to be out there, have the burning lungs sensation, and be alive. It was slow compared to my prior races this year (and I took a few short walk breaks), but I was out there one foot in front of the other.

It’s like this whole process from coming to terms with being BRCA1 positive, educating and doing research about surgery/surveillance, coming to terms with moving forward with a surgery or surveillance, to having the surgery, dealing with slight complications after, and recovering and taking it easy. It’s not a walk in the park and there are ups and downs, just like a race course.

Anyway, next time you’re about to criticize someone for something you don’t think they should do…please think before you speak…unless they are one of those that don’t listen and follow doctor’s orders!

You know that saying your momma always said…if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say it at all.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one…unless you’ve had asshole cancer.

Ps: I’m preaching to myself here, too!


Jolie, Ann and I. They are both breast cancer survivors and amazing women!! Jolie and I ran together for the first mile. She set a new personal best 🙂


My tradition this year was to take a jumping picture at the finish line of each race I did. My friends did it with me. It was hard to extend the arms up and reach all the way. Not gonna lie, it kind of hurt!



With Susie and Krystal, two of my best friends who were incredibly supportive and were there for me when I was freaking out pre-race!!!!

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