Kickin’ Cancer and Cabin Fever

Today is a day shy of being three months out from my exchange surgery. I’ve been celebrating the milestones and random days along the way.


My sweet and amazing friend Krystal, who just had her second child three weeks ago, did the 5k with her son Jaden! I’m so happy she was able to make it 🙂

I found this 5K randomly and knew it was going to be my first race back. There was significance and meaning behind the race, so what better way to celebrate my three month mark?! It was to race to raise money for breast cancer research and education and local charities and area hospitals.

I’ve been running. I started on the treadmill and was ecstatic when I ran one mile without stopping. I celebrated with a beer! My next challenge was attempting to run two miles. I did it ever so slowly at a 12 minute-per-mile pace. I hurt like none other, was frustrated and didn’t celebrate. I’ve never run a 12 minute mile in my life. My athletic trainer friend, Jenny, told me she read an article about running slower and the benefits from it. So, I’ve embraced being the tortoise running through peanut butter when on the hamster wheel. My treadmill averages per mile have been anywhere between 10:30-11:30 pace and incline average is 2.5%! Totally fine by me!!!!


“Yes, they’re fake! My real ones were plotting against me.”

Anyway, last night I made myself a shirt and got my race stuff ready. I organized everything, drank a beer and went to bed. But, I didn’t sleep, AT ALL! I’ve done the distance before, so why was I nervous. In fact, my friend Sara and I ran 4 miles last night. I know I can do the distance. Physically, I just never know how I’ll feel when I wake up. Every day is different!

A friend asked me this morning what my goal was and I said 30 minutes. The more I thought about it my goal was to run the whole thing without walk breaks AND simply finish!!

I finished in 30:47ish and was third place in my age group. Small race – what can I say?! I was a little bummed because in most races they award the top three, but in this one they only awarded the first place person in each group. It’s okay, I awarded myself with a coffee and celebrated with a power nap!!! Whoop whoop!!!


Krystal, Jaden, Lisa, Paul, Tori, and Susie – thank you for coming out and doing the race with me! I cannot tell you how much it meant to me!!!

The last two years I’ve had a different race tradition. 2013 it was taking a picture of my race stuff the night before. Last year, after each race I took a jumping picture at the finish line. This year, I think my race tradition will be doing a headstand at the finish line. It’s a metaphor for my life being turned upside down. There’s still beauty even when things are flipped upside down and there are unknowns looming. Life through a different view and perspective!


PS: thank you, Paul, for being my carrot. It was nice to catch up to you and run with you the last half.




Susie and me!!


Susie, Me, Tori

One thought on “Kickin’ Cancer and Cabin Fever

  1. Hi there!! Good to see you out and about and getting back to ‘normal’. I am the girl that one of your friends passed your info on to me because I was looking into preventive surgery. I have the CHEK2 mutation and a strong family history of Breast Cancer. I have my first surgery scheduled for May 20th… I want to thank you for your Blog and all your posts– they have been helpful, informative and calming. I feel like I am not alone so much 🙂
    Continue on your journey and please know you have inspired somone


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