Catching Up Athletically!

I have been training, but not like I normally would be. I’ve figured out how I can survive the swim, catch (and pass) people on the bike, and hang on during the run.

My swim is there, nothing fancy or special. My legs are still not 100% since doing Ragnar Relay as an ultra. My biking has been the strongest it’s ever been. The joke all year has been just winging races and how I’ll train for the next one. I’m training, but more like enjoying it. I don’t HAVE to do it because it’s in my training plan.

Short and sweet. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…


Half Iron Distance relay with me being the runner. Worst half marathon race of my life.


My goal since the surgeries has been to be able to do ONE big girl push-up, without any props or assistance, and one pull-up by the end of July. After a swim lesson on July 31st, I attempted a pull-up, which was more like me swinging on the bar, and did one push-up…followed by 5 more. And yes, I was sore the next day!


Triathlon #3 of Year –

  • 167 Overall
  • 6/15 in Age Group
  • 60/2015 Sex/Place
  • Swim: 9:20
  • Transition 1: 1:41
  • Bike (15 miles): 45:59 (averaged 19.6 mph)
  • Transition 2: 1:31
  • Run: 32:12

Total Time: 1:30:40



Triathlon #4 of Year – Ehh, pathetic! Water was freezing cold, which made the chest spasm the rest of the race and I couldn’t stay comfortable in aero bar position on the bike. Fast Forward to #5.

Triathlon #5  of Year –

  • 106 Overall
  • 3/21 in Age Group (FIRST TIME placing in my age group in a triathlon)
  • 27/138 Sex/Place
  • Swim: 10:54
  • Transition 1: 51 seconds
  • Bike (18 miles) – 54:14 (averaged 19.9 mph)
  • Transition 2: 44 seconds
  • Run: 30:52
  • Total Time: 1:37:33

IMG_1034 IMG_1028 IMG_1025

Triathlon #6 of Year –

  • 50 Division Place
  • 2/21 in Age Group
  • 15th in Gender
  • Swim: 11:49 (don’t ask)
  • Transition 1: 43 seconds
  • Bike (16 hilly miles) – 57:28 (I lost time due to my dropped chain. Goal was 55 minutes)
  • Transition 2: 54 seconds
  • Run: 31:35
  • Total Time: 1:42:31

Flying dismount success 🙂


Maybe I’ll train and stop winging it…

I’m so thankful for my really good friend, Anna, for helping me back into fitness and figuring out this new athletic normal. After one of my blog posts about the new normal, she messaged me telling me she wanted to help me find my new normal. That she has. She’s taken me under her wing, trained with me, and helped me SO much. I wouldn’t be where I would be athletically without her. Thank you, Anna!

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