Keep Inking On!!

I don’t read books often as I don’t have time (excuse). I am Type A, have ADD (not really), and stay active, but I don’t like sitting still (shocking!). Most of the time, I start reading a book and fall asleep. There are, however, a few authors I absolutely love and can’t put their books down. They hook me in and I’m sad when it ends. There are books that don’t grab my attention, and I’m quickly putting it down…or pawning off to someone else…or reading the first and last chapter and things not making sense. I quit and give up. Continue reading

…One Year Anniversary: A Time to Reflect

Today is my anniversary. One year has passed since I had my bilateral double mastectomy. A year ago today, I was up at the butt-crack of dawn and heading to the hospital with Mom, Dad and Liz. Check-in was at 5:15am and surgery was at 7:00-ish am. Two surgeons, along with two amazing teams, and 7 1/2-ish hours later, I was “out” of surgery.    Continue reading

Prepping for Surgery 101

As I’m reminiscing on the week before my one-year mark, I think back on all the things I was doing to finish prepping for my surgery. I’m in a really good place right now (physically and emotionally) and excited to celebrate life; even though I’m sure I’ll have a few tears to shed next week. I started writing this post after the first surgery, but never published it for whatever reason. The week before surgery, I was frantically trying to get all my ducks in a row to get my home “child-proofed” and everything tidy at work so they were in a very good place. Continue reading

Sailing in the Storms

We’re all in this same ocean, sailing different seas called life. My waves and storms may not be the same waters you have to sail through, and your sunshine and clear skies may not be my sea at the moment. No matter what the storm, I’m thankful to be on the journey. Despite the uncertainty, frustrations, trials and tribulations, and anxieties that present itself, it’s really okay. I get to pillow my head at night and wake up to a new horizon and dawning of a new day. I am thankful for my ship and being able to navigate through it all, sunshine, clouds, wind and storms. Continue reading