Sailing in the Storms

We’re all in this same ocean, sailing different seas called life. My waves and storms may not be the same waters you have to sail through, and your sunshine and clear skies may not be my sea at the moment. No matter what the storm, I’m thankful to be on the journey. Despite the uncertainty, frustrations, trials and tribulations, and anxieties that present itself, it’s really okay. I get to pillow my head at night and wake up to a new horizon and dawning of a new day. I am thankful for my ship and being able to navigate through it all, sunshine, clouds, wind and storms.

I’m thankful for those days my ship lands me on beaches where I can “have my toes in the water, butt in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold drink in my hand. Life is good today.” I’m blessed when my ship takes me through storms and I come out stronger than before. I’m thankful for it all, even in those dark places. I’m thankful for the wind and it’s resistance, because it makes me that much more resilient. The wind can blow, the trees can bend, but I know I’ll be okay, because my roots hold me. I actually end up that much stronger from the pressures of the storm.

We’ve all had storms that dent and damage us. Your storm could be a really bad break-up, parent’s separating when you were at a young age, shattering your leg and never being that athlete again, or learning someone you love died unexpectedly.

Stand in the storm and adjust the sails. The storm will blow past; it always does. And if your sail is torn, take the time to fix it or find someone that can help you fix it. In the meantime, ride the waves out or…Put the rain boots on, splash in some puddles and dance in the rain!

standing in storm

As I reflect on a year ago and where I was in my life, it was a little stormy and full of unknowns. Next week will be the one-year anniversary of the biggest storm of my life, the prophylactic double mastectomy. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and processing the one year mark. You never know why things happen to you and why you have to go through things. I can honestly say looking back on my life, the storms I weathered and outlooks afterwards were helping me become the person I needed to be going into and coming out of surgery.

I’m thankful for the many blessings and lessons it taught me and continues to teach me. I’m the captain of this ship! I can do what I can, adjust the sales and improve the conditions.

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