Keep Inking On!!

I don’t read books often as I don’t have time (excuse). I am Type A, have ADD (not really), and stay active, but I don’t like sitting still (shocking!). Most of the time, I start reading a book and fall asleep. There are, however, a few authors I absolutely love and can’t put their books down. They hook me in and I’m sad when it ends. There are books that don’t grab my attention, and I’m quickly putting it down…or pawning off to someone else…or reading the first and last chapter and things not making sense. I quit and give up.

When you enter a bookstore or library, there’s a wide assortment of books categorized by genres and subjects. No matter the type of genre, each book has something in common – table of contents, preface, main characters, supporting characters, climax, resolve, and ending. Simply put, every book has a beginning, middle, and end.

Life is very similar to a book. We all have a beginning, middle and end. The preface is the introduction to the world. Then you start growing up and having life experiences, which comes with making “mistakes” along the way. Although, I strongly believe there are no mistakes or regrets in life because at one point it was something I wanted. The pages are a daily chronicle of efforts, trials, failures, good times, bad times, discouragements, achievements, milestones, romance, tragedies, religion, travels, etc etc.  Without the climaxes and plot twists, the book would be extremely boring; life would be boring.

Some chapters are short and sweet, with others being long and appearing to never end. Some chapters in life are happy, while some are sad. Some are extremely boring, while some are full of excitement. You live for the thrills at the moment. You never know what page will bring that good twist. Plots change and things don’t go as planned. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. Life happens. So, you keep turning the page and writing. There’s suspense and unknowns (darkness and light), and at times feeling like a hopeless wanderer. Don’t run or fear that page or chapter. Sometimes, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for that thrill of what comes next. Sometimes that plot twist brings on the tears and Kleenexes that last for several chapters. Or, that plot twist brings on the champagne and clinking of glass. Cheers.

Keep inking.

Maybe through the sweat and tears, you cannot see straight. And yes, that happens. Ask someone to help you pick up the pen to continue writing…even if you have to write on that kindergarten practice sheets with the parallel lines separated by the dotted lines. It’s okay.

Ink on.

As you see the light in the chapter, old problems fade away and are solved, and new ones emerge. Sometimes characters fizzle out and were only meant to be in the chapter(s) for a season. New characters come in and out, with some are there for the entire book span.

Life is like a book. You cannot erase the past chapters, because they’ve been written in pen. Ink is permanent. Some chapters are written in colored pens. Some are written in crayons. Color a pretty picture depicting the current page or chapter. Some chapters are bold and written with a Sharpie. Some are beautiful and written with a calligraphy pen. Perhaps some chapters are written with a ballpoint pen where you have to press hard on the paper. That’s okay. Swap out the pen for a rollerball one – ink flows with little effort and you can write quicker!! Never give up on the chapters that seem to never end. Don’t stop on a difficult page.

Ink Away.

No matter what, don’t get stuck in a chapter. Each day is a new experience and adventure. Have courage, faith, and determination to urn the page and continue inking. Better chapters lie ahead. When things go wrong in life shout out, “plot twist” and keep going. Be the character in your book. Live life to the fullest. Accept the challenges and unknowns (plot twist) that come with new chapters and plot twists. We all have challenges to face and events that carry us through life. Be that book the author created that comes to life and has a purpose whether you know that purpose now, down the road or never know why. Take time to enjoy the chapters you’re inking. See the beauty in the ups and downs and accept the challenges with grace. “Every day is a new page, every week is a new chapter, and every year is a new series.”

 Continue Inking!!

(And that I’ll be doing tomorrow…) 


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