November Off-Season

November officially kicked off off-season training. I slacked a bit in October; honestly, it was nice to have down time, and let my body recover from the marathon. I still did some movement, just nothing too crazy. I enjoyed a few outdoor rides before officially winterizing the demon (wahhh!!). I dived right into strength training. Gosh, I missed it…


Anna and I sat down at the beginning of the month, and planned out our training schedule for the whole month. We planned out what days we’d work out together and what days we were on our own. I was super excited to get some structure, focus and consistency.

My three big excitements for November were…

1) Opening email and getting a “Welcome to the 2016 Hive Program”. I love Honey Stinger products so I’m super elated to represent them next year. Their products are the only ones that are easy on my stomach.


2) Running a Christmas 5k and setting a new Post-PBM personal best. After riding on the Computrainer and doing a run circuit that morning, I raced on a complete whim. I honestly wasn’t sure what would be left in the tank. Well, clearly it was enough for a new personal best. I finished in 26:41 and averaged 8:36/mile. I got fourth in the 19-35 age group, but really second in the 25-29 age group.


3) Continuing to work on my NEW fitness room and making HUGE progress. I’ve outgrown the old room, and anxious to get the basement finished, so I can move everything down there. Simply put, I need more space to move around. It’s hard in the winter having the treadmill and bike on the Computrainer. It takes up a lot of space having the bike in there full-time! It’s all coming together, ever so slowly. But, I’m learning patience. I can’t wait for the finished product, and yup, I’ll share with you!


November training plan was pretty consistent, and I only missed a few workouts…it would help if I actually set my alarm or didn’t sleep through it. I am extremely determined to get my pre-surgery body back and then some back.

I’m running and finished off the month with about 20+ miles.

I’m swimming and sucking. Okay, I’ve gotten a tad better, but still such a struggle! Gosh, will it ever be easy?!?

I’m cycling…The Computrainer and Trainer are my friends again. It’s all mental when it comes to cycling indoors, and sometimes it’s a struggle to keep pedaling! I finished off the month with over 70 miles.


And, I’m strength training and LOVING being back at it. My favorite workouts involve ropes, TRX, sled and BOSU ball. I’m extremely determined to do a pull up by the end of December – it’s been a goal for a while. With doing ab workouts, my nerve damage issue has flared up randomly, but there’s nothing that can be done. Both doctors have told me to just keep doing my thing. If you remember, one of the complications from the exchange/grafting surgery was nerve damage. I ended up being in that small percentile with permanent damage. My new normal, right?!


Oh, and I’m yoga-ing…and failing miserably…handstand, another goal of mine!


My friend Brenna stayed with me one weekend, and it was the weekend we got our first snowfall. I pulled out the snowshoes, rented her a pair, and we snowshoed.


I finished off the month with a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was awesome having my sister there cheering and taking pictures. She hasn’t seen me race, but is so supportive!


I’m excited for December and continuing the journey. I’m excited for a new year, wherever that may take me. I have a few things on the agenda – some that are completely new and scary!! There are three things I want to accomplish next year – two marathons, an ultramarathon, and something extreme and crazy. My friend got a hold of my credit card and already signed me up; I’m committed now and there’s no backing out…well, maybe…right?!? Just kidding!! I’ve already paid for my share of the hotels. Great things happen when stepping outside of the comfort zone. Outside of those three things, I’m winging races…again (shocking, I know)…Of course I’ll do some half marathons and triathlons, but haven’t quite figured out which ones. I have a general idea. My big goal is to chase down new personal bests and continue pushing my new normal.

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