5K’s and…



The first weekend of December was simply AWESOME! It was beautiful weather, which is completely unusual for us this time of year. I’ll take it. My chest won’t spasm, and I’m in less pain ūüôā

Saturday morning, I skipped my Computrainer ride and headed to run this Santa Dash 5k. The race proceeds go directly to the Christmas Committee, more specifically the Santa Workshop. People from all over the area come to this charming, quaint town to shop and visit Santa.

I met my friend Josh and we walked to the race start. I wore my Santa Baby Costume and ran my little butt off in an attempt to beat my November 5K time.

I beat it…AND have a NEW¬†personal best – 25:11!!! ¬†Josh and I both placed in our age groups (yay!) – he came in second, and I came in third. I was pretty excited because I’ve only placed a few times in a running race.

After the race, we went for a 22 mile bike ride…OUTSIDE…in DECEMBER!!!

Sunday was supposed to be my rest day, but that didn’t happen…I ended up doing my last race of the year. There was a 5k taking place in the late afternoon and through a park lit up with Christmas lights. On top of that, the race swag was pretty rad. We all received a sling backpack, winter running hat, gel heating/cooling pad, and some other miscellaneous items.

We ran 3 loops through the park. My first mile was 7:58. I’ve never had a mile in the 7’s! The second mile I was around 8:10-ish, and the third mile was around an 8:25-sh pace. Yep, instead of having negative splits, I had positive splits!!

Finishing time was 25:19!!!! I placed third in my age group, and received an awesome commemorative ornament.

The run circuit workouts are paying off!! Right now, my running is faster than it was going into the surgeries. Now, I’ve had to bust my arse off to make that happen, and it’s been a roller coaster. Trust me. However, I’m extremely happy to have two back-to-back races I was consistent in my¬†pacing and efforts.¬†One of my goals for 2016 is consistency – consistency with my training, nutrition, and performance.

So, on to more off-season training and prepping for an awesome and fabulous 2016!!! Cheers to continuing this new normal, figuring out life after double mastectomy, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone!








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