Indoor Fun

It’s winter here and stuck indoors doing a lot of training rides and runs. The treadmill and trainer and I have been going strong for quite some time. Sometimes it kicks my ass, and other times I kick its ass. Off-season training has definitely kept me on my toes. I’m enjoying my dates with the Computrainer. And occasionally, when it’s nice outside, enjoying my dates with the pavement. The pool and I are also getting some quality time. My basement is coming along, and I’m excited to reveal the transformation sometime in the next week or so. I’ve been pounding away and making a lot of progress with it. Boy, has it been a process; an overwhelming and stressful one. I cannot wait to be done with everything and be able to enjoy the new space!

Here’s a sneak peak:


I closed out January with an indoor triathlon with some pretty awesome friends – Anna, Jenny, Jenni, and Sara. Anna, Sara and I drove down Saturday night and spent the night at Anna’s parent’s house. They are like second parents and such amazing people!

Sunday morning was race day. We left and headed to the gym where it was being held. Part of the gig is making sure you sign in an hour ahead of your wave time. We got there around 8 and checked in. We got ready and waited around. I figured out my bike seat position and my foot pedals. Because it’s an indoor triathlon, you just wear your tennis shoes and use the upright bikes.

I wasn’t sure about wearing my Betty Designs Kick Cancer bikini top, because I’m a little self-conscious with my scars and everything in between. I’ve been busting my rear to lose the ten pounds I gained post-surgery. It’s a funny thing. As women, we’re so self-conscious about body image (and that’s a topic for another day – haha). I’m self-conscious now because of the scars, lack of chest, chest spasms randomly, and my chest is deformed. You notice it much more when I’m in a sports bra or bikini. I’m slowly getting over that insecurity. I am down some weight and can visibly notice a difference. My friends told me I looked amazing and should wear it. Boost of confidence, so I said hell with it and threw it on. I’m happy I wore the top, displayed my scars proudly, and kicked butt in the swim, bike and run.

The race was set up really, really nicely and the gym was elaborate. It was a 10 minute pool swim, 20 minute bike, and 15 minute run. I didn’t really go into it with any particular goals. I did a power test on the bike Saturday morning, and wasn’t sure what to expect.


I had the best swim of my life. I shared the lane with my speedy friend, Jenny, who little did she know it pushed me tremendously! I was able to hang with the cool kids for the first 200 yards, and after that I backed off a bit. I was able to do 21 laps J Totally shocked myself!!  We raced out of the pool, through the locker room and into the track area to set up on the bikes. The bike was awesome. I had two really cool guys motivating me and talking crap. Sara and I were next to each other and smack-talking and laughing.  It kept me going and the time flew by. I was a little disappointed – I was .10 miles away from hitting 8 miles. Ugh! The run was fabulous. I was able to hang with Jenny for a good chunk of the time. She sprang ahead the last 5-ish minutes. I honestly felt really good. My goal was 2 miles in the 15 minutes, but I was shy of that :/ It’s a goal for the next one in February. I’m already looking forward to it!!!!


My results: 13th placement for women, 2nd age group

swim:    bike:     run:     S mi:    B mi:    R mi:    Total mi:

Indoor Tri Results


I’m really happy with my January training; well, except for the several days I was under the weather and didn’t train at all. I hit a good majority of my workouts and am getting stronger and making gains. I am excited for February and kicking it up even more. I’ve had some pretty good runs, and getting my mojo back. I was a little in the ruts a while ago. I’ve been average 8-something averages per mile on my longer runs, which gives me a lot of hope for my April half marathons. I want to hit my target goal time and then some!!!

I’m determined and excited! Only 108 days until the BIG song and dance…time to kick it up a notch 🙂

Giddy up…

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