Chapter 2 of 12

February has already started off with a BIG bang and I couldn’t be more excited. Training kicks up for the big song and dance–ONLY 107 days away!! Need to start stepping it up and cracking the whip. Goals + plans = Success! My runs have been amazing and I’m flying high.

February 3rd was a FABULOUS day. My new basement furniture was being delivered! That in and of itself was my excitement…but, it gets better 🙂

I woke up eyes crusted over, body dragging and me wanting to roll back over and sleep more. I hit the snooze…alarm went off again…grabbed my phone and started scrolling through Facebook. That was boring, so I opened my email, started deleting things and checked for anything pressing. I noticed I had an email from Noelle, from Skirt Sports. Huh, that’s interesting! I clicked on it and began reading it. It started off with “Dear Skirt Sports Ambassador” I kept reading not thinking anything of it. I read the email, and reread it.

WAIT! WHAT!?!?!?

“Yes – that intro means you made the cut!” I kept reading.


Skirts Sports Ambassador Captain??? Sports + Captain in the same sentences?!

I literally jumped out of bed instantly, and danced around the room. I danced my way through the day on cloud nine.

I filled out the application in December, and honestly forgot about it. I give Nicole, Noelle and everyone else involved in selecting the ambassadors major kudos. They originally said they’d let everyone know whether they were chosen or not by a certain date. That date came and they notified us that they wanted to give every application the same amount of time and dedication to review their individual one. So, thus the reason I forgot about it.

I’ve loved Skirt Sports products for years. When I first got into athletics, I came across Skirt Sports via a friend. She carries their products in her bike shop. I tried it on and instantly fell in love. It was comfy, didn’t ride up, felt amazing, and cute. I was instantly hooked from that day on. When I was putting together my outfit for my first half Ironman in 2013, I bought myself the race belt skirt, and wore it during the run. I bought many more of those skirts and have a big collection going. I wear them all the time – during runs, working out at the gym, out and about, and just because. Get one for yourself, and you’ll see why I HEART Skirt Sports.

I’m so honored and thrilled to be selected on the team as an ambassador captain. I’ve already virtually met some of the Skirt Team on Instagram J The women are amazing already and so welcoming. I’m excited to share my love of Skirt and passion to those around me, and inspire women in the #REALwomenmove campaign. Join the movement, Ladies!

Ladies, go shopping and gift yourself after that killer workout, awesome run, new personal best  …

(As you can see in my race/workout pictures…)


Thank you Nicole and Noelle for allowing me to represent you this year!

It’s only the first week of February and things are just beginning 🙂 The basement furniture is looking pretty RAD, too, and I’m a giddy little girl…Stay tuned!!!


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