March Bliss

I’m behind in my blogging, so today the goal is to catch up with pictures and a few highlights from the month.

March 10th – Sarah’s two year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis. The three of us went to Florida for some fun in the sun. 


March 20th – I wasn’t planning on racing, considering I had wine the night before, but did the 10K anyway. It was because Anna texted saying she was on her way, and bringing coffee. See, friends have your best interest at heart. We ran together the first half and than she split off.

I finished in 53:19, 11th in my age group, averaged 8:35/minute, AND SET A NEW PR. I shaved off 5:05 off my old PR. Did this hilly course two years ago and finished in 58:24.




March 27th – Anna and I did a 12 mile progression run together bright and early in the morning. I was sick earlier in the week (and missed some key workouts), and thought she was nuts when she was reading off our target paces for different miles. Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you and push you past your limit. If she wasn’t running with me, there’s no way I would have maintained those paces on my own. Gosh, I’ve never done one of those before, and by the end my lungs were burning and legs were dying. This was the last long run before the first half marathon of the year; which is really just another long training run…

Looking forward to April…




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