Seeing a Sunrise!

Skirt Sports is doing its #31daysofskirtsports and each day has a new theme. Can you guess what today’s theme is?! I had a hard time picking which sunrise picture I wanted to post on Instagram. I have so many to choose from!

It made me think…

Florida Sunrise.JPG

When’s the last time you saw the sun rise?

For me it was a week ago. My friend and I ran and chased the sun as it peaked through the tree lines and farm fields.


Because of the heat and humidity, I’m trying to wake up extra early to do my long runs. That means I’m up at 3:45 am and out the door by 4:30 am. I get to see the rosy fingers of dawn and all that emerge from the darkness and sweep their way across the horizon one ribbon at a time until a golden-red globe of glory peaks over the fields and finally turns night to day. I want to see the stars and blue sky. I want to see the moon and the sun. I want to see the sun peak through the early morning fog.

It sounds ridiculous waking so early to run, let-alone see the sunrise. I’m always in for a treat each time I wake early. You never know what beauty you’re in for with the rosy globe showing it’s face or how it’s marvelous colors will hug the sky.  Seeing the sunrise (or set) and appreciating its marvel and glory, truly takes my breath away.

I love a good sunrise/sunset.

I’ve gotten to see the sunrise and set in many different countries. I climbed the mountains in Colorado to see it peak over the tallest mountain top. I saw the sunrise in Iceland, although it was mostly day there both times I was there. I took in the beauty when I was in Peru and Argentina. I witnessed the sunrise out in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship.



Colorado Sunrise

It’s magnificent, glorious, stunning, beautiful (insert your favorite adjective here)!!!

The outdoors do different things for different people. However way you take in the sun rise, whether it’s driving to an overlook and seeing it from behind your windshield, camping and allowing it the beauty wake you, or whatever way you want to take it in; just remember, the sun rises and sets every single day. It never changes. It’s always there. No matter what crazy things go on in our daily lives, we can always rely on night turning to day.

For me, a sunrise makes me sit still. I don’t like sitting still. There’s something about it that calms and relaxes me – like it awakens and recharges me! There’s nothing I need to or should be doing (besides running and taking in the various views of the sunrise).

Where are you going to take in the next sunrise?

For the beauty of the earth!





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