Marathon #2 Recap!

Prior to the race, I treated myself to a manicure, which never happens. Each color was a visual reminder during taper week of what I wanted to accomplish during each 6 mile set. 

Yellow: be in control

Red: be powerful

Orange: be fierce

Blue: be strong

Pink: be happy


Pre-race Ritual:


Outfit: Skirt Sports for the W-I-N!!!

  • 768 Miles
  • 9 Races
  • 7 Months of Training
  • 3 Pairs of Shoes
  • 2 Personal Records
  • 1 Outstanding Running Coach
  • 9 months in the making…
  • …and it all comes down to one start line.

Goal = not blow like a champagne cork!

Over Labor Day weekend, I did a number on my left knee and messed it up badly while playing frisbee (I know – pathetic). I couldn’t run for a week and had to be a little easy with the intensity and runs. Between my chiropractor and athletic traiber friend, who did the Graston Technique on me – which is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it, I was able to tape up and get to the start line.


This picture was taken right before my headphones broke and the race started…

Jennie and I carpooled to the start line. This race was a point-to-point run along the lakefront. It was downhill and beautiful. A few minutes before the race started, my headphones completely broke. I bumped into friends and no one had an extra pair 😦 Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t upset or panicking. I did many long runs this training cycle without music; so, this would be just another run without it. I ran the first 12 miles listening to the pitter-patter of feet on the pavement — it was soothing, calming and relaxing!

I saw my mom at many of the mile markers in the beginning. My boyfriend met me at mile 12 and I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug. It was very special having two of my favorites there watching me race. I’d see my mom, and a few miles later I’d see him; which was totally not planned but, that definitely kept me going!


My friend Heather and her daughter, Miranda, met me along the course and snapped this picture. It was awesome seeing them and hearing them yell my name.


Mile 19.5

After about mile 20, it went downhill. My pace started dropping and the intensity of everything hit me. I was getting sore and my legs felt like dead weights. I kept telling myself my key words and changed up the music, but nothing seemed to help. I was able to pick it up at about mile 23 when I saw my friends and they snapped this picture…


Jenny met me towards the finish line and ran me in. My goal pace/finishing time went out the window at about mile 20-21. I just couldn’t maintain it anymore. I settled for my second goal, and only missed it by 2 minutes :/

Just about to cross that finish line…


The race was truly special for many reasons. I felt I got revenge out there. I was truly joyful and happy the entire 26.2 miles.Gosh, I cannot wait to train for #3 and #4 next year.

Marathon #2 – I set a new personal best by shaving 19 minutes off and finishing in 4:52. I cannot wait to continue training with my coach and see where he takes me and what we accomplish. I want to eventually hit a 4:10-20 marathon time! I know it will take lots of patience and time, but I’ll get there. One foot in front of the other.

Marathon #2 is the books!



1494 of 2663

Gender place: 676 of 1347

Age Group: 106 of 210marathon-5




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