Discovery Run!

Saturday morning was so much fun on many, many levels, and absolutely good for my soul. I needed every part of it. I accidentally wrote a race date wrong on my calendar. I thought the race was Saturday but it ended up being last weekend. I was supposed to do the Fall 50 Relay last weekend with some friends. I was bummed I had to back out, so I wanted to do a 5k that weekend…only to find out I wrote dates down wrong… Continue reading

Be a Mouse!!

I was asked to do invocation for an organization I’m part of…I thought I’d share it here.

“For tonight’s invocation, i have a parable that some might find just a little Cheesy. But seeing as we are gathered in the state known for cheese and are celebrating the passing of the torch from one Big Cheese to the next, let me tell you the mousy tale of Who Moved My Cheese…by Spencer Johnson. Continue reading