Buh-bye 2017

Cheers to day 365 of 365. I’m struggling what to write, what goals I want to accomplish in the new year, and this or that. A lot is on my mind as I reminisce about the year.

I had surgery last fall, and found it was much harder bouncing back into the fitness world. I didn’t want to push it too soon and risk additional complications down the road. One thing after another led to spotty workouts and running.

This definitely wasn’t what I expected this year. There were lots of tears, trying moments, frustrations and many other things that factored into the daily grind. I went against my own philosophy and allowed things to dominate, control and take up residency. I’m excited to close the chapter and start writing a new one tomorrow.

I’m excited for this upcoming year. I’m working with my running coach again, and going after some new goals. I’m pursuing some scary things, too. I’m fearful…but, we all know we cannot live in fear. Break out of the comfort zone and L-I-V-E!

Once I have things finalized, I’ll share here.

On that note…

Hard to believe it’s the last day of 2017
My, oh my, reminisce and glean.
Things that could have been this or that.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year
Full of lots of cheer and beer.
(…My waistline can be the testament of that…)

2017 can kiss my ass
(My bad for the sass).
Many up and downs
But, favorite was an ivory gown
With my husband waiting for me
Happily ever ever, and the rest to be.

It’s been a good one
However, glad it’s done.

Good riddance to a trying year.
Thank you to my tribe and ones so dear
For helping and being by my side.

Welcoming the start to chapter 1 of 365.
May each day bring moments to grow and strive.
Welcome to another new year.
…Don’t let it kick you in the rear!


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