Beauty in Trees!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking (insert eye roll). Trees? Umm, okay…In all seriousness, bare with me!

My husband and I have two emerald ash bore trees in our yard. One is plump, booming and growing, while the other is desperately trying to produce a secondary canopy as a last hoorah! It’s a world of difference compared to last year when that tree was lush, green and provided a beautiful canopy of shade. The arborist came out recently, inspected both trees and said the tree has been infected for three or so years. Unfortunately, it must come down soon. We are sad to have that tree removed, but excited to plant a new one. Planting a new tree is an investment into the future.

Did you have a favorite tree growing up? Maybe there were two convenient trees that formed your goalposts in the yard. Perhaps a parent built a tree house. You have fond memories of that tree house – a source of adventure or a retreat when you needed time to think and get away.

Have you ever just stared at the tree and wondered where it came from or who planted it? I have. There’s beauty in trees. They are our life-source. We provide carbon dioxide for trees to breath, and trees produce oxygen that we need. They provide protection for animals. They provide beauty and so much more.

When I think of trees a few things come to mind: 1) Unity – each leaf, each branch is a part of the whole tree. You can’t have one without the other.  2) Interdependence – yes, each tree planted individually represents one person/family. Yet when all of them are standing and growing together, they create one harmony, one whole. 3) Uniqueness – each tree provides its own beauty and differences, yet they don’t compete with each other.

Planting a tree represents putting down roots and future growth. There’s beauty in the growth physically and in those unseen roots. In the dead of winter, the tree looks dormant but there’s still growth well beyond the human eye. The roots below the surface are full of life, growing and getting ready to produce even more flowers and greenery for the next season. The tree is still beautiful. Storms rage through and yet the tree bends with the weather. We may go through storms and look stagnant, but there’s still growth going on internally – whether it’s coming out a stronger person and joyful, or becoming an angry and bitter person. There are only a few choices in storms! Things come into our life and weather us; be resilient.

There’s beauty in the storms. There’s beauty in growth. There’s beauty in change.

As you continue to grow as a person, many more branches will grow and produce beautiful leaves and flowers. Your roots will grow and become deeper in the ground. I’m sure you’ll have many more storms in life to weather. Your branches will teeter and totter, with some snapping off, but your tree will still be grounded with your strong roots. And sometimes, your tree will get infected. That’s okay – love and nurture it back to health. Get that trunk injection shot or the soil injection.

Make sure to plant your roots deeply. Enjoy the process. Trust the journey. Allow transparency and honesty. There’s growth in processes. There’s growth in change. There’s growth in the journey. There’s growth if you want it. Those trying and frustrating moments will be there but it’s in those moments where you can allow growth to happen.

Continue planting trees. Trees are an investment into the future.

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