Running High!

Marathon training has been going extremely well. I’ve been pushing through some crazy, hard workouts my coach has thrown my way, and I have fallen in love with the pavement. I love the random workouts he sends me; it keeps me guessing and yearning for more. I’ve doubted certain workouts, and come through on the other side with even more confidence. Continue reading

Taking a Break!

Priorities are a funny thing.

They are the thing that’s the most important. They are what you choose to dedicate your limited time to and what you consider most valuable.

Priorities change; and quickly, too! Life throws curveballs and that to-do list for today quickly gets shuffled to tomorrow. Continue reading

Life’s (Little) Moments!

I’ve been having pulling and chest pains off and on for some time (usually the worst pain during/after swimming or crazy upper body workouts). I’ve ignored it and kept telling myself it’s the “new normal”. Last July, I saw my doctor for a lump on my left side. He aspirated me (stuck a giant need in me) thinking it was an “oily pouch”, and told me to come back if the lump got bigger. The lump has gotten bigger and been causing some pain in my chest/sternum when touched or after an extensive workout. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning!

Everyone has junk lying around the house. Some more so than others. I work with clients and go to job sites quite often to see work being done and so forth. I’m amazed at the crap some people have in their homes and garages. I’m not judging them by any means, but I couldn’t live that way. Some people are hoarders – they have garages full of newspapers. They have bedrooms piled high with boxes and crap. They say clutter isn’t healthy. Mess causes stress. When my bed isn’t made in the morning, I go crazy. It bothers me Continue reading